Why Minimalist Frames Rock

Why Minimalist Frames Rock

Call us hipster, but we are all about this minimalistic life! The “less is more” mantra is what it’s all about nowadays. Although clear frames have been around for a while, with the minimalism trend growing, they have recently made a big come back for their versatility and functionality. Here are five reasons why you should add crystal clear spectacle frames to  your capsule wardrobe:

  1. They match everything

These frames are like the good fitting, go-to jeans in your wardrobe. They complement every colour and any style of outfit.

  1. They are unisex

Neither feminine nor masculine, clear spectacle frames are the perfect neutral.

  1. Size doesn't matter

Because they are transparents, they don't hide as much of your face as glasses with dark frames do. So whether you go big or small, you'll love them all!

  1.  They brighten the face

These frames act as a highlighter, reflecting light away from any imperfections, making you look awake and fresh! Winning!

  1. They look great on everyone

Taking into account the previous four reasons, how can they not look great on everyone?


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