iCare program

Many eye problems occur at an early age. Your child’s eyesight is an essential part of their growth and well-being. It is so vital to ensure that your child's eyes are healthy and that they receive proper eye care. Vision related problems interfere with school performance, safety and participation in sports and activities. Our expert optometrists are trained to detect early signs of vision impairment and poor visual development.

We are excited to say that we have helped thousands of children through our iCare initiative. Did you know that when you buy any pair of Baker frames from Execuspecs, it enables us to donate a free eye test and frame to a child.

We offer, with parents' permission, a free eye test, frame and clear lenses for children aged 6 to 12 years to dramatically improve their lives. Book an eye test right here! Remember to book early to avoid disappointment. We look forward to meeting you and your little ones.

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is subject to change.
  • This offer is only available for South African children aged 6 to 12 years.
  • Only a valid script from an Ophthalmologist will be accepted and not another Optometrist.
  • The free frame can be chosen from a selected kiddies range, if a more expensive frame is chosen then a discount of R599 will apply on the selected frame.
  • The free lenses will comprise of clear polymer single vision lenses with a scratch resistant coating.  Any other lens enhancements will carry additional charges.
  • A valid South African Identity Number for each child is required which can be found on the child’s birth certificate.
  • In order for a child to qualify for the free frame and lenses, their spectacle prescription will need to meet the qualifying criteria, and parents will need to consent to a photography component, in which the child may be photographed as part of the iCare Program’s marketing and promotional material.
  • The eye test is subject to appointment availability (so please book early) and can be performed on a yearly basis.
  • Please note: Our optometrists can only accommodate a limited number of kids per day per store.
  • E&OE.