Ever wanted to change the world?

Yeah, us too but we thought we would focus on optometry first!


We didn’t get it right the first time and no, not even the second time! With emptied pockets and our confidence blown, we sent ourselves back to the drawing board one last time. To make it work, we had to change our mindset! We had to challenge everything we knew about optometry and put all the focus on YOU, the customer.

We didn't want a practice, but rather a retail store filled with character and warmth. No more patients, only customers – OUR customers. No more boring eyewear, only handpicked private label collections and select premium brands. As for our optometrists, only the “lead singers” of the industry!

After months of hard work & long hours, we finally saw our concept come to life in the opening of our first re-branded store in June 2015. The verdict – they loved it! But not just anyone, these were discerning customers seeking something different from the industry just like us.

Today, Execuspecs still upholds these founding values in over 30 stores country wide. We believe that out of the thousands of pairs of spectacles and sunglasses, there is one made just for you and it is our duty to help you find it.

So pop in at your nearest Execuspecs, grab a coffee and let’s talk eyewear!

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