All you need to know about Blue Light Protection

What is Blue Light?

Blue Light is a natural part of visible light and its everywhere. The sun is by far the largest source of blue light, but its also emitted by artificial light sources as your phone and computer. Blue light is made up of good and bad blue light.

What is “good” blue light?

Good blue-turquoise light enhances our mood and cognitive performance. It also regulates our sleep/wake cycle. This would make us feel awake, alert and energetic.

When does “good” blue light go bad?

Harmful blue-violet light has been identified as the most dangerous blue light. Over time exposure to harmful blue light could cause serious long-term damage to your retina & accelerates retinal ageing. Over exposure of harmful blue light may contribute towards eye strain.

We need to protect our eye from the harmful arrange of blue light, while ensuring we still take advantage of the healthy good blue light.

Blue light protection

Blue control lenses are the latest innovation in Blue Light protection. These specially designed anti-reflective lenses further minimize glare for a more comfortable and relaxed vision as well as protect your eyes against blue light. Blue Control lenses have 3 times more protection than regular prescription lenses.

Ask your Execuspecs Optometrist about Blue control lenses today!