Self Care Is Not Selfish | Good Reads

Self Care Is Not Selfish | Good Reads

We all know that feeling when life becomes just a little too busy, when the to-do list is a little too long... So, we thought we'd share some of our favourite spoils for when me-time is needed. And remember, you don't actually need a reason to do cool stuff for yourself - all of these ideas should become part of your self-care routine.

1. Book a date with your massage therapist
(and book the next one before you even leave!)

Massage therapy offers so many different benefits not only to your body, but to the way you feel emotionally. It helps alleviate stress by releasing toxins, and offers relief from a range of health issues like consistent headaches, tension and even insomnia.  A massage once in a while is especially important if you sit hunched up at a desk all day. Some see massage therapy as an indulgence; we see it as a necessary part of life.

2. Weave into relaxation

This boho-inspired craft has made a massive comeback with woven wallhangings, rugs and macrame plant holders.  Besides being unique and absolutely gorgeous to show in your home, hand weaving is therapeutic. Weaving uses repetitive movements that decrease stress and increase your creativity. With so many yarn options available, hand weaving kits for sale and tutorials online, it's a craft you can learn relatively easily.

Tip: start off using acrylic yarns and then cross over to more sustainable materials like wool and Eastern Cape mohair once you have the hang of it.  This will save your budget and prevent wastage of intricately woven yarns.

3.  Fall in love with a good book

Cliche? Yes. But true, right? Nothing says self-care quite like ticking off the last item on your to-do list, making a cuppa tea and curling up on the sofa to indulge yourself in a different world. Whether your poison of choice is crime, thriller or romance novels, the idea is to escape from the everyday and slow down- not only does this also help alleviate stress, but some clever researchers have gone as far as to say that reading is a superfood for the brain!  And with today's technology and e-readers, there's no more fighting with the spine of the paperback, or worse, falling asleep and dropping the book on your face.

4.  Get moving

Sometime in order to slow down you need to speed up that hear-trate. Pilates, yoga, boxfit, crossfit - =all get those endorphins flowing. But if you're tight on time, and that deadline is looming, then why not just go for a walk? Park or seaside, grass or sand, it's a sensory experience that will lift your mood and do wonders for the soul. Even better, start walking daily and see how this routine boosts your morale to get all the other things done each day!

The bottom line is that you simply have to nourish your spirit and take time out for yourself.  Just be sure to keep your eyes sharp for your new crafts and reading sessions - Click here to book your eye test online today.

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