Tips To Treat Digital Eye Strain | Good Reads

Tips To Treat Digital Eye Strain | Good Reads

Oh boy. This is a topic we can all relate to: that annoying fuzzy headache, dry eyes, slight nausea or the inability to focus properly on the document you're nearly done typing up. The problem of screen glare and the resulting digital eye strain is real for many of us, but it's also completely manageable.

We have a few clever tricks up our sleeves to prevent digital eye strain and help prevent the nasty side-effects:

  • Change your workspace by moving your screen so that it's at eye level. Then tilt the screen down slightly to prevent eye muscle strain. The difference will be noticeable almost immediately. 
  • Clean your screen! We can't stress this enough - any dust build-up, or smudge from fingerprints etc, will affect your vision and cause eye strain. 
  • Always adjust the brightness of your computer screen so that it balances with your environment. That way, you won't strain to focus on the screen. (or frown, for that matter!)
  • Prevent eye fatigue by looking away from your screen every 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Blink! Your eyes need lubrication, even if you're wearing specs with the reflective coating.
  • Take a break from your screen every so often and exercise your eyes differently: focus on something close to your desk for a few seconds, and then focus on something further away. Do this for a minute or two before continuing with your digital project.
  • If you are able to, upgrade your computer screen to a high definition monitor. The clearer the screen, the less eye strain.
  • If you're watching series on a laptop at night, be sure to put a lamp on that reflects light from behind you, much the same as balancing the light of your computer screen with your environment.

Remember to let your Execuspecs optometrist know that you work in front of a digital screen. Chances are, you'll need an anti-reflective coating to prevent eye strain for your office job. This coating reduces the reflections on your lenses, allowing more light to pass through, helping your eyes adjust and focus more easily. *As an added benefit, driving at night will be easier too because the halo around car lights will be lessened, making it easier to actually see where you're going!


Be sure to have your eyes checked regularly to ensure that it's just digital eye strain and not something else that could be corrected with the right contact lenses or specs. Click here to book your appointment online today.

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