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Shield Your Eyes | Blue Control | Offers

Shield Your Eyes with Blue Control

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend staring at screens every day? Hours spent in front of computers at work, quick glances at our phones when it pings for our attention and home on the couch to watch Netflix. Screen time is at an all-time high in this day and age. We spend on average, about 40% of our waking hours looking at screens and this number is increasing as the need to stay connected and work longer hours is an essential part of modern day living. When you consider how much time is spent staring at screens, it is clear that we are squarely in the digital age. Technology defines our lives now, and it's easy to see why. We feel lost without our phones and staying current and on top of all the latest news, trends and activities is essential to avoid FOMO.

As the world continues to race toward technological advances, we have to learn to adapt to life where screen time is a new reality, as it does affect us over time. Sore, tired eyes that no amount of sleep seems to ease, blurry vision, eye irritation, headaches and neck and back pain can all be linked to digital eye strain. Digital eye strain caused by electronics that emit harmful blue light. These gadgets that we have welcomed into our day-to-day lives have been proven to cause medical issues that we need to be aware of to help us better manage our eye health.

Technology and the pace of change is not slowing down any time soon, but there are ways to help ease the effects of digital eye strain. One way of doing this is to equip ourselves with eyewear that is designed for digital life. Blue Control is an innovative optic solution that enables you to shield your eyes from the dangers of blue light. This specialised coating neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens, preventing eye strain and fatigue, and reducing glare for more relaxed and natural vision. It's a comfortable and practical answer to an emerging modern problem.  

Blue Light and How It Affects You

Digital screen technology has advanced across all the devices we regularly use, and the majority of today's devices use LED back-lighting to deliver enhanced brightness and clarity. The catch is that these screens emit powerful blue light waves. Human eyes are particularly sensitive to blue light. It is confirmed to be the most dangerous light for our retinas, and continued exposure to it could cause serious damage to your vision.

Ultraviolet light is widely understood to be harmful to us. Just look at what a day in the sun can do to your skin. So imagine what ultraviolet light does to your eyes. Blue light can be found close to ultraviolet light on the colour spectrum, and falls right at the end of what the human eye can visibly pick up. As we learn more about the risks that continued exposure to that blue light poses, it's likely that protective eyewear will become an essential tool for modern living.

But let’s just be clear. Not all blue light is bad. In its natural form, it is essential. The sun is the primary producer of natural blue light, and our bodies use it to regulate our sleep and wake cycles. The artificial blue light from our extended screen time is what causes eye problems, and upsets our natural leep cycles. The reality is that between our work and home lives, we are glued to screens from morning until night and our eyes are simply not designed to naturally filter or protect against the levels of blue light we are exposing them to.

The particular flicker and glare created by blue light is thought to be the central reason for digital eye strain. This is known to lead to sore and tired eyes, headaches, blurry vision, eye irritation, stiff necks, poor sleep, and a loss of focus. Long hours of screen time are simply unavoidable nowadays, and as a result, our eyes are working harder and ageing faster than ever before.

Blue Control

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Thankfully, there is a solution. The introduction of Blue Control helps you limit your blue light intake in a way that suits your lifestyle. This is where things get a bit technical now. We want to help you understand exactly how it works so that you know how genius this product truly is. Blue Control is a blue light filter that is built into the material of your optical lenses. It neutralises blue light emitted by digital devices, as well as fluorescent and LED lighting. This unique coating enhances your contrast and colour perception, and helps prevent digital eye strain. Blue Control also acts as a protective barrier for your lenses, making them resistant to scratches, water, grease and dirt.  

Blue Control is engineered with multiple micro-layers that each alter the way blue light is transmitted or reflected. It has the ability to absorb or reflect the very specific range of light that is considered to be the most harmful for our eyes. The anti-reflective coating is an essential component of Blue Control, and helps eliminate glare associated with the reflective surfaces of digital devices. This coating also increases your contrast for a less-straining visual experience.

The truth is, in our day and age, we could all benefit from less artificial blue light. Eliminating the symptoms of digital eye strain will help improve the quality of our lives. Blue Control will allow your body to revert to a more natural sleep-wake cycle, and eliminates many of the effects of digital eye strain like blurry vision and eye irritation. All in all, Blue Control helps you to manage the effects that prolonged screen time can have on your eyes over time.

How Blue Control Works for You

It is straining enough trying to keep up with the pace of modern living, let alone asking our eyes to strain continually throughout the day. But our way of life is not going to change anytime soon, so as always, we have to do what is necessary to adapt to our conditions. Blue Control makes that possible because it provides relief from digital eye strain in a way that doesn't ask you to change your daily routine.

Your glasses are with you constantly, so think of Blue Control as the means to upgrade them to a level of protection that is up to speed with your modern world. As you navigate your day, there are a lot of demands placed on your eyes. The shift between colours, pictures, and text requires your eyes to adjust constantly, all while being bombarded with artificial blue light. We may have become accustomed to this, but over time it can take its toll.

Many of us don’t link the symptoms of digital eye strain to our screen time, and that's because this is a developing problem that we are only just starting to understand now. Once you see the world with Blue Control, there's no going back. Blue Control will adapt to your lighting conditions throughout the day, and ensure that your eyes feel more rested at the end of the day once that final screen is switched off.

Blue Control at a Glance

  •  Specialised coating that neutralises harmful blue light from digital device
  •  Reduces the symptoms of digital eye strain
  •  Anti-reflective properties for reduced glare and increased contrast
  •  Protects lenses with resistance to scratches, water, grease, and dirt
  •  Applicable for prescription and non-prescription lense

Beyond Blue Control

Blue Control is an exciting product that suits the way we see the world now. But digital eye strain is a problem that we need to be aware of and manage properly. Dry and irritated eyes, headaches, an inability to focus, are just some of the commonly found symptoms of it. And the condition is inevitable if we continue to look at screens emitting blue light without the necessary protection. Along with your Blue Control spectacles, there are a range of precautions you can follow to help alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain. Try out these tips to take it easier on your eyes.

The 20-20-20 rule

This is a handy tool to keep top of mind while working in front of a screen. Every 20 minutes, stare are something that’s about 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. This will allow your eyes to rest and refocus after periods of screen time.


It may sound simple, but blinking is essential when it comes to blue light. This will keep the surface of your eyes moist, and help you avoid dry eyes. Blue light seems to encourage us to blink less than we should be, so stay conscious of blinking regularly.

Breaks and hydration

Your body needs rest and sustenance after long periods of screen time. It's essential to stand up often while working at a desk. Stretch your legs, ease the strain on your eyes, and also make sure you are getting enough hydration.


Viewing screens in the dark will amp up the negative effects of blue light. Ensure that the room you are in has lighting that is bright enough in relation to your screen. Soft and indirect lighting is preferable to fluorescent lights.

Eye care

Those who wear contact lenses are more susceptible to digital eye strain. That's because your eyes are working harder when staring at a screen. Switch to your glasses for intermittent periods to reduce the onset of eye strain. 

Screen positioning

The amount of strain we put our eyes under is increased by incorrect screen positioning. Keeping screens about an arm's length away from your eyes is the goal. The top of the screen should ideally be at eye level, so you are looking slightly downwards at your work.

Sizes and colour

It's not just about where your screen is, it's about what's on it. Text should be sized for comfortable reading without causing strain when recognising the words. Black text against a white or slightly off-white background is the easiest on our eyes.

Brightness and glare

You can adjust the brightness of your screen display to help reduce digital eye strain. The screen should match the brightness of your surrounding workspace. Glare from your digital devices can be handled with screen filters, which are widely available for purchase.

Built in blocker

Many modern devices are equipped with built in filters and colour temperature adjusters that can be activated when necessary. These change the amount of blue light emitted from your screen for better viewing at night or in darker areas.

The Solution to Digital Eye Strain 

Now that you know more about the harmful effects of blue light, make an appointment to speak to your nearest Execuspecs Optometrist about Blue Control. You can choose from a range of super stylish frames and have them fitted with your Blue Control lenses. It can be applied to prescription and non-prescription lenses, so if you’ve never worn spectacles before, now is your chance to join the super trendy, spec-sy club.  Your eye health is important. If you’ve been feeling the effects of too much screen time, and you suffer from the effects of digital eye strain, now is the time to make a change.  And as blue light emitting devices become more of a presence in our homes and workplaces, we quite literally need to change the way we look at them.

Shield your eyes in style, with Blue Control.

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