8 Fashion hacks everyone should know

8 Fashion hacks everyone should know

Time, like the world of fashion, continues to march on, and while every season brings something new with it, (demanding you to head out to your nearest retail store for a fashion haul) we’ve come to think that these hauls are a thing of the past. Instead, you could achieve the latest in trends by making just a few little alterations to items you already have.

Grateful as we are for the “Thrift Shop”era, which sent us into a thrifting frenzy in the early 2010’s – this new decade brings with it a desire to elevate our fashion game with even less! We’re pro-sustainability, we are wanting reusable and eco-friendly and are anti-fast fashion. We’re making do with far less than our predecessors and looking good while doing it. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide to give you 8 DIY fashion hacks even the most un-DIY person amongst us can pull off.

1. Pulling off the “front tuck” / “French tuck”

This is something we’ve seen many fashion novices struggle with, creating an authentic- looking front-tuck. All you have to do is grab the front-middle of your top and tuck it into the front of your trousers. From there tuck a little on each side, loosening it as little as necessary. The goal is to not have a super tight tuck but also not too much fabric out. This looks great with thinner fabrics as they tend not to bunch up at the front.

2. Roll up your pants (or jeans) like a pro

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If you have a pair of trousers you haven’t worn for a while because they’re not tapered, now would be a great time to bring them out and practise a stylish roll. All you have to do is make sure you have two hair ties. Slip on the trousers. Turn up the hem, add your hair tie over the hem. Grab the reverse side and flip inside-out. Voila! Pants fit for the 21st century.

3. Knotting your tops like a rockstar

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A great hack for those oversized tees that need a little “spicing up”. Though there are many ways to pull-off the knot, we’ve found that the basic front knot looks the most tailored. All you have to do is grab your favourite tee(the more stretch the better), fold it up in the back, gather the leftover fabric in the front, twist the section until it forms a spiral, wrap it around the ball and pull the end piece through!

That’s it! A look that would leave even Fleetwood Mac a little envious.

4. Old belts that equal new looks

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Belts are pretty much the Beyonce of all accessories, they can either make or break your look, particularly when they’re too long. Worry not, there’s a style hack for that too. All you have to do is slip on your trusty accessory, pull it through the buckle until it’s at its tightest, tuck it under the opposite side, create a loop and pull it through.

5. Razor sharp knits – how to remove pilling from your favourite jerseys

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Warm, comfy knits are a staple for your winter wardrobe, but pesky balls of fluff can often make your jersey look old and tired before its time. Don’t donate it to a friend just yet. Remove pilling effortlessly with your razor & masking tape. All you have to do is lay your jersey on a flat surface and use the razor to slowly start shaving away the lint balls. You want to work in a gentle downward motion so as not to accidentally nick your clothing, When done use the masking tape to lift the lint from the clothing.

6. Restoration camp: how to fix faded knees on old jeans

We all have a favourite pair of black jeans that may have lost some colour along the knees. Before you run out to replace them we suggest you try the following hack: Grab a crayon that closely matches your jeans. Rub the crayon over the faded parts of the knees to colour the area in. Lay a piece of wax paper over the coloured area and warm your iron to the lowest setting. Iron over the wax paper to set the colour. And that’s it. Brand new jeans that have a lot more mileage.

7. Set that zipper free!

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Zippers are perhaps the trickiest part of fashion fasteners. From jamming shut because the teeth are stuck, to trapping fabric in-between, zippers never seem to give us a break. But before you freak out try these hacks to set that zipper free! If your zipper is stuck and won’t open, try lubricating the area with a pencil while pulling down. If the pencil doesn’t work, try swabbing the area with a lubricant like olive oil, petroleum jelly or a bar of soap. If your Zipper won’t close properly or keeps splitting open after zipping up, try using a pencil to lubricate the teeth or removing a displaced zip with a pair of pliers. Whatever your zipper emergency is, we’re pretty sure these hacks have you covered.

8. Upcycle that baggy shirt!

Every closet has a baggy shirt you’re not too certain how to style. Whether it’s a borrowed button-up from baes closet, or an oversized tee from last season, some shirts just seem harder to style than most. That thankfully to this hack, ends today. All you have to do is grab opposite sides of your shirt, pull them to their tightest fit and tuck them into your trousers, creating a V-neck silhouette that crosses at the stomach.

Now that you know how to turn those key staples in your wardrobe from drab to fab in an instant without spending a fortune... Go ahead, do it for yourself. We know you can!

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