Coffee Shop Corners: Durban | Trends

Coffee Shop Corners: Durban | Trends

By Meg Carrie

Being the local Durban gal that I am, with a solid 25 years of coffee shop hopping and café mingling in my back pocket, I pride myself on being in the know on what's what on the Durban coffee scene, you know, I'm on the in - I know the latest hot spots, I can take you around to the trendiest restaurants - this girl has got her finger on the pulse. At this point, you may be thinking "Whoa. Hold up Meg, it sounds like you're getting a little too big for your boots gurl!" Well, turns out I was. I, the self-proclaimed Durban know-it-all local, had in fact been driving past a hidden gem for months without even realizing it. *Bows head in shame*

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Tucked away at the back of Hertex Fabric Store, at the top of Durban's Florida Road, sits a serene Jacksonville Coffee - a tranquil slice of paradise right in the hustle and bustle of the city. You can sit inside, where the air conditioning flows as quick as the coffee does, or outside next to the water fountain, under the sunbathed trees. Kehla, Jacksonville's resident barista and all-round legend, will be sure to greet you with a smile upon arrival, after which he'll proceed to whip up one of his many delicious coffee-based treats.

jacksonville coffee shop durban blogger meg carrie execuspecs

Speaking of Florida Road, over the past year, under the artful hands of the Urban Lime team – a Durban-based property development company focused on regeneration – we’ve seen the once-loved street get a (much-needed) fresh lick of paint and along with it, a new line of local coffee shops (yay!). Just down the road from Jacksonville, you’ll find the sweet Love Coffee, a small but beautiful space to grab an on-the-go cuppa or catch up with a friend before work over a tasty baked treat!

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The next stop on our Florida Road tour (surprise! You’ve been suckered into a coffee shop tour and there’s no way of getting off this bus * throws head back dramatically while doing her best evil laugh *), is City Roast, an all-time freelancer’s fave – the wifi is as fast as their service and their coffee cups are the size of a small soup bowl – perfect for days when you just need to knuckle down and get some graft done (while drinking an absurd amount of coffee) – win, win.

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And to end off our tour, we find ourselves just off the bottom of Florida Road at the shipping container turned stylish breakfast, brunch or lunch spot - Freedom Café. Quirky, bold décor meets garden party vibes in this indoor-outdoor café. Sip on an iced coffee under the plethora of trees or brunch with a friend at a table inside – either way, you’re in for a treat!

 freedom cafe coffee shop durban blogger meg carrie execuspecs

And that concludes our Florida Road coffee shop tour, you may now get off the bus and continue as you were. * Crowd goes wild in adoration of Meg * Humbly she tips her non-existent hat and ends off with, “Glad I could be of service!”

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