Trendy Co-Working Spaces | Trends

Trendy Co-Working Spaces | Trends

Trendy co-working spaces around South Africa

If you’re lucky enough to be a digital nomad, working your way from one great coffee shop to the next as you type away on your MacBook Pro, you will want to read this. We’ve put together a little guide to some of the best co-working spaces around South Africa. Because we know that eventually the appeal of endless coffee, shaky Wi-Fi and problematic plug-points will become an issue and you will want to find a more “permanent” solution. Below you will find 5 of our favourite co-working office spaces.

Werk in Port Elizabeth

Werk designed a contemporary, raw office space that is beautifully unpretentious where you can hire a desk and spend your day with like-minded people. They offer unlimited free Wi-Fi and house a smoothie bar and Italian restaurant that makes great coffee. The Baakens Valley, the area in which Werk is situated, is a hive of activity, and one of the most central spots in Port Elizabeth. A 5 minute drive will get you to the beachfront for a quick lunchtime jog and with a host of great restaurants literally on your doorstep, what more could you want?

Website currently under construction but visit them here: https://www.facebook.com/thewerk/

Akro in Cape Town

Akro is a collaborative environment with different locations across Cape Town, offering a co-working office space for freelancers and entrepreneurs across the city. You can hire a desk with all the perks as a solo flyer, but they also offer practical office solutions for start-ups and entrepreneurs that can expand with you as your business grows. We also really love that they offer venture funding to entrepreneurs with budding business ideas and provide a supportive work environment where help is always at hand. 


Treehouse workspace in Durban

If you’re looking for a stylish and professional office space in Durbs, then the Treehouse is the place. They offer co-working spaces and private offices that are modern and comfortable. Situated in Umhlanga, they are a mere 15 minutes from King Shaka airport, and close to some excellent restaurants and coffee shops. But the in-house coffee is apparently something to boast about so you won’t need to venture far for your fix. And if you feel that the four walls are getting too much, there is a park where you can “chill under the trees and still connect to Wi-Fi.” You will love the Treehouse if you’re in need of an office space that offers a relaxed environment that exudes calm.


The Workspace in Johannesburg

The Workspace caters for freelancers and start-ups with multiple offices across Johannesburg. Freelancers and creatives can opt for a co-working space that offers a flexible alternative to a traditional office space while still providing all the extras that are needed to run a business, It’s a casual, relaxed environment that allows for easy interaction in a professional environment. Their serviced offices are geared towards start-ups and businesses in need of a fully operational “working” space with flexible agreements, designed with scaling and growth in mind. Offices are furnished and range in size from single-person offices to team offices.


Manhattan Co-working in Pretoria

An innovative co-working space that has parted ways with the traditional, Manhattan Co-working in Pretoria offers a casual and laid-back alternative to stuffy offices, and is a breath of fresh air. Down to earth, with a modern aesthetic, it is a meeting place for passionate creatives where they can dream and create in a friendly environment. Hire a desk, or a small office space, with everything you need to help your business thrive. Members can book a boardroom for meetings with state-of-the-art equipment and conferencing facilities. And with great coffee and fibre internet, what’s not to love?


Know about any more cool co-working spots that you can put on our radar? Let us know on social media. And if you are currently working in such a space, tag us in your Insta pics for a chance to be featured. We love trendy office spaces as much as we love funky frames.

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